That thing you're called to do


Some things just come easy to you. And some things don't come easy but you're just good at them. 

We often have a hard time appreciating these things about ourselves. Because if something comes easy, it must not be valuable. And if something is really hard, we must not be that good at them.


If you're looking to do something daring, something entrepreneurial, something that breaks out of the rut of meaningless work or just getting by, a good way to start is by listening to others. What do they say you're good at? What do they remember you for? If they want you on their team, what skill of yours are they valuing? 

Your next move doesn't have to be that profound, but it's going to mean the most if it stretches you. If you can find the pattern in what people are asking of you - maybe it's something you've never thought about as a job, even - you've found unique value. Meditate on the pattern and say yes to the teams and opportunities that really match your value, your strength, your calling. It doesn't have to be a forever thing, choose what's right for you where you're at, now. 

And start changing the shape of yourself so much that you won't even fit into that rut anymore. 

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