Data-driven voter targeting

I've written before about using enhanced voter data to create best-in-class custom audience targeting within Facebook. Recently my team began working on a project to reach hundreds of thousands of voters in a low-turnout, low-profile election. I'd like to share a bit about our strategy.

Facebook Custom Audiences allow targeting of ads to a specific audience. Even in California, where voters often include their email addresses with voter registration, simply carving out email or phone numbers of voters may not be enough - in a test of 5,000 voter records, we were not able to get sufficient matches for a custom audience. However, that quickly changes when you work with a data hygiene vendor like Accurate Append, a Washington-based phone append and email validation provider. We used a strict validation and append protocol on our voter file sample and in minutes had a solid basis for a custom audience for our Facebook spending.

A solid email list of voter prospects also allows targeted emails using a tool like Influential Data's enewsletter product, and peer-to-peer targeting with VoterCircle.

VoterCircle ingests voter data and privately matches it to the personal email lists of supporters who opt-in to share a candidate's messaging with voters in their network. The better quality the data, the more voter matches.

At AHG, we're always evaluating the best technologies for voter identification, outreach and persuasion. I'm also president of a predictive analytics company that creates optimal voter audiences for online advertising. We advise our clients on how to reach their own audience, and the right audience for each message. And we use tools like WordPress, Action Network, ActBlue, ActionSprout, VoterCircle, and AWeber's drip email capabilities, to create highly engaged networks of supporters, donors and advocates.

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