Eight technologies changing politics and activism

San Francisco General Strike May 09, 2016

Tactics aren't strategies. But the right technologies are tactics. As a consultant and organizer, here are some of the organizing tools I'm using and working with that every community builder should have as part of their toolkit:

Crowdpac: Crowdfunding for political campaigns. Will your issue or campaign take off? Find out before even forming the committee.

VoterCircle: Peer-to-peer email organizing matching the voter file to supporters own Gmail, Yahoo and other email accounts. Created by a Los Altos school board member based on his own campaign experience.

Hylo: "Slack for networks" including creation of distributed events and projects that contain smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

NationBuilder: This CRM-style platform also offers free voter files to all U.S. candidates and campaigns. Starting out with a NationBuilder data file and enhancing the records is a cost-effective way for campaigns to start up.

Ecanvasser: Lightweight constituency management and flexibly priced door-to-door surveys, compatible with just about any data set, with nice automated hooks into NationBuilder.

InfluentialData: Billions of emails served and an incomparable track record with large-scale voter outreach campaigns. Top campaigners often use ID's email system alongside a platform like Nationbuilder.

Action Network: Core activist features including petitions, groups, and mass email. Its early and expansive support for the Open Supporter Data Interface (OSDI) means you can string together Action Network with popular progressive technologies such as ActBlue, Organizer, NGP VAN, and more.

Accurate Append: An innovative and agile data enhancement company that bolsters email outreach and phone contact campaigns. Unregistered adults, new mover updates, and other voter outreach products are on the horizon. They support NationBuilder lists and recently joined OSDI and released a plugin mod for Gravity Forms and WordPress.

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