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My last employer had a rigorous approach to community building at the office, with the nice benefit of one-on-one coaching for managers. I led a function and was the senior-most employee, but my only actual report was a student working part-time remotely. Still, you're a leader, says the community consultant. And true, I was leading a key project team.

So how to exert that leadership in daily service? Tie everything back to the mission, he said. 

Thinking about how to tie everything we were doing back to the mission got me thinking. How many companies don't have a mission statement, or have it buried away somewhere where nobody can read it? 

I've recently been working on the mission statement for my own business. I consider it one of the most important parts of what we're doing. It unifies our team, our thought, our actions.

What do we do?
Who do we do it for?
How do we do it?
What value do we bring?

How about your mission statement? Do you have one? Is it something you can use to build community at work and with your customers or clients?

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