Growing AHG: Director of Strategy and Organizing David Turkell

David_Turkell_Wendy_Greuel.jpgCreating a new business is one of those things you just don't understand until you do it. It's incredibly, incredibly hard and I have enormous respect for everyone who makes a go of it. It's been about six months since I started AHG, and co-founder Amy Zock and I have been privileged to work with companies like Do Gooder, Ecanvasser, Accurate Append and more on their growth strategies.

It's time for our growing business to bring on a new consultant, and I'm very happy to announce the addition of David Turkell to the team, as our Director of Strategy and Organizing. David was most recently a senior organizer at NationBuilder, where he worked with Democratic political campaigns and Jewish organizations. 

David brings a wealth of organizing experience to AHG. He's been a community organizer since President Clinton's re-election campaign in 1996 and was an early pioneer of the Neighborhood Team Campaign model during Barack Obama's 2008 campaign. He served as the head of Students for Barack Obama for Southern California and was one of the National Directors of Jewish-Americans for Barack Obama in 2008. In 2012, he ran field operations for President Obama in Cleveland. David also served as the Western U.S. Regional Field Director for Scouts for Equality, which successfully fought the Boy Scouts and ended the gay male ban for youth in the Boy Scouts of America.

David's most recent campaign role was as campaign manager for California Assembly member Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, who became the youngest legislator to win an election Los Angeles.

David's also an artist at digital organizing in a crisis. During the Occupy Protests at UC Davis in 2011, David directed the student-led PR team that defended several students pepper-sprayed and arrested during a peaceful protest. He organized distribution of video of the incident, which was reported on by more than 100 international news outlets within 24 hours. In 2015, in response to anti-Semitic vandalism of the Jewish Fraternity house at UC Davis, David created "Aggies Demand Action." Within 24 hours, his online petition garnered nearly 20,000 signatures.

We're pleased to welcome David to AHG

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