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With a new website launch, I'm also happy to share the news about my new business, The Adriel Hampton Group Ltd. We're a boutique strategy agency focused on sales and marketing for startups and delivering IT projects for organizations of all kinds. Partner Amy Zock and I are startup growth veterans and we're looking forward to helping companies with community and peer-to-peer sales development, owned media, and product work, from concept to launch. Our strength is putting the right people on the right projects, and we can handle just about any internet projects the world can throw at us. We're experts at NationBuilder and are particularly suited to assist with implementations on that platform. 

We believe in the power of the network and base our firm on the values of loyalty, integrity, gratitude, hope and transparency. 

I'll be writing much more about this in weeks and months to come, but for the time being, do hit us up if you have a project you'd like to discuss.

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The Adriel Hampton Group provides strategic consulting and IT solutions for brands, governments and NGOs, specializing in community development and peer-to-peer marketing strategies.


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