Reaching new voters with mobile phone messaging

Reaching supporters by text was a hallmark of Bernie Sanders' vital grassroots campaign, and his text-organizing app of choice, Hustle, was also used by the Clinton campaign before they created their own version of peer-to-peer mass text outreach, calling it Megaphone.

Apps like Hustle, Megaphone, and HandStack avoid anti-robo dialing restrictions for cell phones by using volunteers or staff to quickly send canned messages to hundreds of people on a target list. recently announced a partnership with Hustle to reach hundreds of thousands of potentially unregistered donors.

While Sanders focused on texting with supporters from his 2 million-strong donor list, and an estimated 5 million people who signed up for his email list, organizations and campaigns looking to reach potentially unregistered eligible voters can use vendors like my client Accurate Append to add mobile phone append numbers from opt-in sources to their outreach lists.

Text messaging to voters has been a practiced strategy for some time now, although new technologies are making it easier to scale. In 2012, the Obama campaign used texting, but cautioned that over-saturation can quickly turn off targeted prospects. Judicious use of cell phone appends is highly recommended!

The new vanguard for outreach is messaging as a channel overall, channels like Facebook, WhatsApp and SnapChat are allowing direct outreach to supporters and potential supporters at even larger scale, and Facebook just announced the ability to direct News Feed ad clicks directly into its Messenger app. Companies like @mssg are leaping on the opportunity to direct ads straight into light conversation with chat bots that can help collect CRM data and direct prospects into a donation or vote pledge funnel. 

How will you use messaging to move people?

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