The space between


It's easy to think that things are noisy, that there is a lot going on, to be captured by our own thoughts.

But if we slow down, things are really very peaceful. Sound is an easy one to start with. Last night I was at a pretty loud restaurant. Open, outdoor seating so you could hear the rumble of several ongoing conversations from other dining parties. Music from speakers in a corner. I was talking with my girlfriend. Hearing her voice. Waiters were moving around, the scuff of their feet against the pavement. Lots of clatter as they moved heat lamps, replaced a can of propane. 

But there was so much stillness, too. Lack of sound. Quiet. 

The restaurant patio was bricked in, and they held a lot of sound. Extending the sense of hearing above that wall, there was very little sound. A little breeze, bird calls, but mostly void of sound. Draw a sphere around, all that noise isn't a majority of what was going on. Silence. Silence in the sky above the patio. Silence in the ground below. 

All of our experience is like that. Our thought that feels so important, so urgent, it's just a little tiny pinpoint in the sea of consciousness - it's not even alone in the wide range of thoughts we hold simultaneously. Once you start expanding your focus like that, life becomes more still, more calm and joyous.

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