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I'm very happy to launch my new website, where I'll be sharing thoughts on how to thrive in our networked world. You can also use this site to keep track of my upcoming speeches and events, to reach out to work with The Adriel Hampton Group, and to learn more about my background. Or, just to peek the latest from my Instagram.

The new site culminates months of work with brilliant designer Serina Patterson (mostly Serina waiting for me to give her photos and content!) and benefited from advice from NationBuilder story coach and friend Michael Kass, and the wonderful photography of Paul Kadzielski. Thanks, Serina, Michael and Paul! 

I hope you enjoy what you see, and if my firm (yes, we bring Serina and Paul into projects) can be of service in bringing to life your own web visions, just click on the "Connect" button below on this page or email me at


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The Adriel Hampton Group provides strategic consulting and IT solutions for brands, governments and NGOs, specializing in community development and peer-to-peer marketing strategies.


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I’m a frequent speaker on digital transformation, tech-enabled collaboration, startup growth, social media, and the near future. I’d love to join you!