Turning doubt into insight


Questioning oneself is tricky. You want to be able to act on your ideas, tasks and plans unimpeded by self doubt or criticism. Sometimes the voice of doubt can be overwhelming, it can stop you from making progress and seem like a real enemy. 

Often doubt comes from mistakes we've made in the past or ways we've learned to cope with difficulty. That voice can be very young, something we picked up from our parents in childhood. It can come from failures and ways we've missed our dreams. It's hard to keep trying at a dream when each time you get closer, missing the mark hurts that much more. 

And if we're able to keep it from overwhelming us, the voice of doubt is something we can want to just shut off and ignore. But neither approach really works. We can turn the voice of doubt into insight by really listening to and acknowledging it, by treating that part of ourselves gently. Let the doubt know that you hear it and you're OK, you know what you're doing, reflect on the weakness it may be pointing out and whether that's significant enough to make you change your plans. 

When we listen with care to what our subconscious is trying to tell us, we can start sorting out the things that make us anxious and solving real problems, making new progress towards our dreams and goals.

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